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Mugged to death: Japanese woman kills cheating husband with coffee mug

Mugged to death: Japanese woman kills cheating husband with coffee mug

61 year old housewife, Emiko Hirose, could spent years tolerating her husband’s drinking and infidelity. But according to Emiko, after “He had an affair with a woman I hate,” she stoved his brains in with a coffee mug.

Yasuo Hirose was an honorary professor at Yokohama National University. Doctors had recently told him to stop drinking, but even then, Yasuo continued carousing. While Emiko stayed at home gritting her teeth, he was out with his mistress. One day, when he came back from his home away from home, reeking of booze and perfume, Emiko couldn’t take it anymore. Ignoring her, and his own health, Yasuo had pushed her too far. She grabbed a coffee mug and brought it down on the 70 year-old’s dome repeatedly until he was dead. Emiko has been arrested on suspicion of murder. We’d say that suspicion is valid.


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