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Following this video you can print your own Coffee Mug at Home. It little bit hard so I don’t recommend you to do that. And it is costly too If you already don’t have the equipment.

Steps you need to follow to print a Coffee Mug.
1. Printable Coffee Mug.
2. Create an image using Photoshop. I used Photoshop CS 2017.
3. Buy Sublimation Paper or inkjet Heat Transfer Paper both are
different paper. Normal paper will not work.
4. a)If you use Sublimation Paper you also need Sublimation Ink.
b) If you already installed normal inkjet ink Buy inkjet Heat Transfer (** I don’t test it)
5. Print your image that fit with your Cup/ Mug
6. Use a iron to transfer the image on the Mug. It bit tricky and
take long time. set your iron at highest heat setting and press it until the turns yellow.

Best of luck with printing your coffee mug at home. At if you are a kid please don’t try this at home. If something goes wrong I am not liable for it.

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For this you must need
✅✅International Link
❤Sublimation Paper :
❤Sublimation Ink :
Printer I used Epson L 360 Color Inkjet Printer

✅✅India Link :
❤Sublimation Paper :
❤Sublimation Ink :
❤Also Inkjet Printer:

Normal ink may work but you need a different type of paper called
Inkjet Heat Transfer Paper its costly $$ :
❤International link :
(** I did not test those paper Inkjet Heat Transfer )

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