Learn COlours with Coffee Mugs Animated Video.

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For Learning Colours to Childrens, I created funny Colour Animation withSanta claus Nesting Dolls. Kids Have fun and Enjoy.
Nesting Dolls :
A set of sequence painted wooden dolls. They decreasing size placed one inside other.
PRIMARY COLOURS : Red , Blue, Yellow
SECONDARY COLOURS : Green,Orange, Purple.
INTERMEDIATE COLOURS : Pink, Brown, Orange etc…
Red is the color , it is a primary color as well as warm color. people who likes this color they are critical thinkers as well as lovable. Red color mixes with White form Pink color, Red with Black form Brown color, Red with Yellow form Orange color, Red with Blue form Green color
Yellow color is a primary color and warm color. Yellow, the color of sunshine, hope, and happiness, has conflicting associations.Yellow color mixes with white color form light yellow, yellow with blue form green,