Pixls Summer Update | 50 Subs, Amiibos, Hats, and ConBravo!

I FORGOT TO MENTION – Mini-project entitled Summer of Memories this August! Its a series which Ive done on my channel. May not be for everyone, but itll be a nice relaxing project, reminiscing about the past!\r
Todays topics:\r
– Thanks for 50 subs! \r
You guys are the absolute best! I couldnt have done it without all the support of my friends, and you the subscribers – you all make this experience such a worthwhile one! Which is why I was brave enough to do a webcam special – pew pew pew!\r
– Amiibo showcase\r
Nothing too extraordinary, but as many people on Twitter may know, Im an avid collector of the figurines. Despite this, I dont have a ton of them. But their eyes are so darn cute, check em out!\r
– ConBravo! \r
I will be attending ConBravo from Friday, July 24th to Sunday, July 26th! I went last year, but this time, because Im staying overnight, Ill be getting the whole con experience! Im so excited for this, such a rare opportunity for me to attend any convention! Ill be going with some of the Puddle Splashers – so stoked to hang out with all of them!\r
– Shoutouts\r
1) Shiva Goddess: \r
Sweet, thoughtful, lewd, and all about that booty game! Shiva has probably become one of my favourite streamers! Her streams are a lot of fun to attend, and she plays a variety of games on her channel such as Mario Kart, 100% Orange Juice, and Phoenix Wright just to list a few. Although not the most kid-friendly stream, definitely worth a follow! Shes also playing a HuniePop LP, and I love her for that!\r
2) Puddle Plains HD: \r
My group channel which Im a part of! How could I not shout them out first? Whatever, weve really been doing our best to get content out for all of you guys! As of this video, a couple of the Splashers are uploading episodes of Super Mario World! Definitely worth the view, its an absolute riot to watch! Just a couple of dorks just having a time, I love them all to death!\r
3) SlimKirby: \r
He was the first Lets Player Ive ever watched (I think I was watching Simpsons Hit & Run), and hes a dear friend of mine! As of right now, hes playing Pokemon Gold and Yoshis Island DS! Hes also been doing weekly streams, both Retro Achievements, and Sunday streams!\r
4) Odinspack33: \r
Hes probably the most Canadian person Ive ever met, and thats saying a lot! Theres something about him which you just cant hate. And as of right now, hes LPing Super Mario World featuring Luigi and his butter shoes! Hes also been doing other series like The Spack Pack, where he shows his latest gaming finds, and Buy It, Try It, Riot – where he essential, gives his review of a game.\r
5) Snackattack8: \r
You probably shouldnt watch this guy, hes a total dumb-dumb. I kid, hes such a silly guy and his LPs reflect that! Ive been keeping up with his Super Mario Galaxy LP, and despite what the video said, Ive already started watching his Final Fantasy IX LP, really wanna try a Final Fantasy game now because of him!\r
6) Alanedgehead: \r
What is with all these streamers I follow and butts? But hes a very fun, hyperactive, LOUD streamer who has such an amazing stream community! He also likes Nikki from HuniePop for some unknown reason. Despite that, were still great friends! Hes also part of The Speed Gamers, and actually theyll be doing a Mario Marathon to raise money for charity at \r
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