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My Stoneware Collection

My Stoneware Collection Since 1993 Renato has developed 2 unique materials and techniques that have made it possible for people around the world to acquire his carvings. That year he invented Novapiedra a stucco like substance which combines the regional, limestone like, raw material Sascab with resins and other ingredients. This material, soft and pasty at first, gradually becomes as hard as stone, able to withstand extreme temperatures, including hurricanes. As the material becomes …

Acrylic Pouring on ceramic coffee mugs

Acrylic Pouring on ceramic coffee mugs

Acrylic Pouring on ceramic coffee mugs
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I decided to try Acrylic Pouring on ceramic coffee mugs. I just wiped them off before I started to make sure they were clean.
I did a dirty pour on each of the mugs.
I let them dry for a couple weeks. Then, I sealed them. I used dishwasher safe Mod Podge on one mug. One the other mug, I used Dupli-Color clearcoat enamel.
Colors I used are:
Artist Loft metallic cobalt blue, metallic red and metallic white,
FolkArt 14 Karat gold.
All my paints are mixed with Liquitex pouring medium, Floetrol and a bit of water.

Wish List

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The Products I use daily are:
Revolving cake stand turntable 12 inch
12 inch round silicone mats
Magnetic Mixer with stir bar
1 Inch Magnetic Stir Bars + Magnetic Retriever
Specimen Cups with Lids
Jumbo Natural Craft Sticks (wooden)
Plastic Tongue Depressor
Silicone Spatula
Plastic Condiment Bottles
Plastic Beaker Set of 6
Squeeze Bottles with Yorker Red Cap
Liquitex Professional Pouring Medium
Butane Torch Lighter
Giant Push Pins
Glad Press and Seal
Floetrol Additive
Powder-Free Nitrile Gloves Blue
Powder-free Nitrile Exam Gloves Pink

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Amazon Wish List
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Link to my Amazon store for everything I use on a daily basis

My paints are mixed with my pouring medium, which is 60% Liquitex pouring medium, 30% Floetrol, 5% water and 5% Golden GAC800.
No silicone was added.
My cloud effect mix is 1:1:2 Artist Loft Flow Acrylic White, Behr Satin Enamel Ultra Pure White and pouring medium.
If you interested in purchasing any of my acrylic pouring art you can email me and please include the video # you are interested in.

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