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Starbucks Cheese Coffee?! – Food Feeder

Starbucks Cheese Coffee?! – Food Feeder

WE’RE BACK! If there’s one constant in the universe, it’s Starbucks adding new, apparently much-needed options to their line of coffee adulterants. And while the U.S. of A. recently imported the Australian “Flat White” – which is some sort of foamy espresso thing, we’re told – Australian Starbucks is adding Cheese as a flavoring to its line of syrups.

Okay, so the cheese is PROBABLY a cheeseCAKE flavor base, so you can get a strawberry cheesecake latte. Which admittedly sounds better than, say a gruyere-and-pear latte. But we’re still not sure cheesecake should be delivered in syrup form. Starbucks apparently doesn’t care, because the new syrups have made it to Austrialian locations over the last month.

Australian viewers! Go get thee to a Starbucks, and report back on the cheese latte’s flavor profile! The rest of you can read up on cheese syrup here:

Have you tried one of Starbucks’ new cheese drinks? How was it? Do you wish you could get a strawberry cheesecake latte right now? Now that Starbucks has also started serving wine, and soda, and gourmet food in some locations, what’s next? What other food news have you hear that you’d like to hear Noah’s take on?


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Black Coffee & Dry Ginger Coffee/ Chukku Kaapi Recipe | How To Use Coffee Filter | Warm Drinks

Black Coffee & Dry Ginger Coffee/ Chukku Kaapi Recipe | How To Use Coffee Filter | Warm Drinks

Learn how to make 2 Black Coffee Recipes at home with our Chef Ruchi

Black Coffee Ingredients
21/2 Cups Water
South Indian Coffee Percolator
3 tbsp Ground Coffee

Herbal Dry Ginger Coffee Ingredients
21/2 Cups Water
2 Pieces Dry Ginger
5-6 Peppercorns
1/4 tsp Cumin Seeds
(Pound the ingredients)
10-12 Basil Leaves
1/2 tsp Coffee Powder
Jaggery to taste

Remove Coffee And Tea Stains On Ceramics And Enamel With This Trick !

Remove Coffee And Tea Stains On Ceramics And Enamel With This Trick !

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Remove Coffee And Tea Stains On Ceramics And Enamel With This Trick !

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