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Branding Your Business To Make More Money

Branding Your Business To Make More Money

How To Grow Your business?
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Branding your comapny should be the first thing a company does. You have to convince potential customers to buy from you. Very few people have a monopoly like Microsoft or Ebay, Everyone else need to steer business to their company or product. When people think about your company, what is their impression. For my company, Solutions Ink, I wanted to portray a fresh, professional, ease of use type of company whoose product meets their quality needs while helping their business. I wanted to portray Solutions Ink as always on the fore front of the printing and promotional product industry’s.
To achieve this I needed to tell potential customers of new and innovative products for the printing industry. Variable data, large format digital printing, digital printing with pantone colors, label and form combinations, magnet and form combinations and e-commerce ordering systems. How best to show customers then actually devise a campaign where the product you are trying to educate your customers about is sent out to them to give them ideas how to use this product to help their businesses. One campaign I organised was to compile a list of fashion retailers whoose logo’s were specific pantone colors that are not reproduced well in 4 color process printing. Today with 6,8 and 10 color presses you can print in 4 color process and 2 pantone colors quite easily. This keeps the integrity of the company’s logo intact in their big marketing or flyer campaigns. This is OK for large run printing jobs. The problem is that even for large chains, you tend to have regional sales in a small amount of stores. In store displays usually are done in small numbers and are printed digitally. Today there are certain digital presses that can insert pantone colors on top of the 4 color process printing. After devising a mock up campaign and targetting by variable data the buyers of these retail fashion chains, I was able to secure 2 large accounts for present and future business.
This technique can be applied to any industry. The key is to really now your product and the strengths of your company. The next step is to educate your customers on your company’s merits. Then you must reinforce your image constantly to stay in your existing customers mind, as well as peak the curiousity of potential new customers.
Once you have achieved this, giving out promotional products is a useful way of staying on their minds. The trick is to find a great promotional product, that fits you budget, is useful to the end user and doesn’t shout your name too boldly. Humour is a great way to have your customers keep your stuff. The items seen most times for an office person are calendars and coffee mugs. To be different in the Montreal Promotional Product market, Solutions Ink sent out to all existing customers a 14 ounze special mug which was imprinted with thermochromic ink. The ink is heat sensitive and evaporates on heat and returns on cold. With this you can print something underneath the thermochromic ink which is revealed when cold. On the outside we simply put the word STRESS in red over a black background. Most people who work know about stress. The humour side was that when you poured your hot coffee the message turned into stress free at Solutions Ink. A simple inexpensive idea that our customers really enjoyed and every time I stop at one of their offices I readily spot our mugs. On top of this I received 4 orders from these customers for these mugs with a different message for their customers.
Another great way for your company to be branded positively is to become associated with a worth while charity. Today we must give back to those less fortunate. Sponsering an event gives your company great exposure but the real treat is in knowing that you’ve helped others. Money is not the end all, all the time. A funny thing, helping others usually rewards yourself if not immediately some time in the future.
The trick is to plan out your actions. Research the market, research your company’s attributes and brand your company’s image positively and constantly. Following these steps should help your company stand out from the competition and make yourself more successful Best of luck. If you need help you can contact me at 514-337-2238 or visit us on the webb at www.solutionsink4u.com.
Steven Schneidman

Product Placement Makes Events Memorable

Product Placement Makes Events Memorable

The CEO had just breezed through the office for his monthly back-office visit. Stopping briefly at Charli’s desk, he seemed to be mesmerized by the pumpkin shaped stress ball that had been sitting on Charli’s printer since she came back from the team-building seminar. The discussion soon turned to one about the value of team-building and how the CEO had been considering something similar for the senior managers.

“So, what was the name of the provider for your team building, Charli?” the CEO asked.

“Umm, I think it’s printed on the stress ball” observed a relieved Charli.

Who can really predict the power of product placement? If human nature follows its course, delegates on a workshop or seminar will return to their desk, file the event paperwork under “N” for “Never read again” and carry on with their normal lives. However, give them a gizmo, wotsit or doodah that has your logo branded on it and has some marginal functionality, they may well end up putting it on their desk or, if it’s clothing, wearing it. This form of advertising is not just the domain of Coca Cola and Nike, it can be applied to any brand.

The range of products to brand with your logo is enormous and includes everything from the ubiquitous coffee mugs, pens, mouse mats and memo holders to more expensive conference folders, USB flash memory keyrings, umbrellas and golfing jackets. Prices range from a few cents to $20 or $30 per item plus a setup cost which can be from $30 to $100 depending on the sophistication of the branding, so most budgets can handle some sort of promotional gift. Allow a month or more to have your gifts branded. Some simpler items with single color branding can be turned round inside a week; however it is always better to have time to check the quality.
Designing conversation pieces

Seminars, workshops and roadshows are prime candidates for cross-marketing your entire range of products and services. Where they are being used for in-company training, workshops can act as a vehicle for communicating company policy on a wide range of issues.

When your delegates arrive, when they break for coffee or break for lunch, there will always be some who may find small-talk and conversation difficult. Providing them with a combination of information leaflets, exhibition boards and perhaps an endless loop presentation on a small screen monitor may not only keep them occupied. This background activity could lead to additional sales, better communication and also act as a stimulus for conversation.

Although Charli had not consciously absorbed all of the information presented as a side-show at the seminar she attended, she was amazed just how much she had taken in at the subliminal level. For example, she was able to recall that there had been some mention of custom-designed seminars for senior teams and that the training company specialized in outdoor challenges for not-so-fit executives; managing to mention this without glancing at the CEO’s rather generous waistline.

Tips For A Successful Email Marketing Campaign

TIP! Tailor your message to your audience. After you have established a small reader base, try to get them to spread the word to their friends.

Tailoring each email campaign to fit different customer bases will assist you in getting all you can from your email promoting efforts. By focusing on the specific needs of the customer group, your message will be more concise and will bring better results. In this article, you will find useful information to help you customize your emails for different groups of recipients.

TIP! When researching email marketing, use as many resources as possible. There are lots of great online books or even ones in libraries.

The first commandment of email marketing is to never send unsolicited messages. If you send emails to those who never signed up for them, they are likely to report your messages as spam. This not only harms your reputation, but certain ISPs could put a block on your IP address when a large amount of people complain about the unsolicited marketing messages you are sending to them.

TIP! Test out different subject lines with the A/B testing method. For a single email, split your mailing list in half randomly, with each half receiving messages that have different subjects.

Email only the people on your list. Your emails will appear to be spam to those who are unfamiliar with your company. This type of random emailing can just cause a person to question whether they know you or your company, and they probably will end up caring less about your company if they run across it in the future. They may just delete your message; what a waste of time!

TIP! Keep things consistent. For every email, use the same colors and logos.

Use A/B testing to test subject line variations. Choose an email and split the mailing list in half, sending each half an email with a different subject line. You will be able to see which subject lines encourage people to open your emails and which ones you should avoid.

TIP! Prior to contacting customers through email, be sure to obtain their permission to do so. Very often individuals consider unsolicited emails as junk mail and do not open them.

Get permission if you are going to contact customers by email. Most people are inclined to ignore or delete messages from unknown senders and your efforts will be wasted. It may violate the policies of your ISP if you do mass emailings to people who have not asked to receive your emails.

TIP! You should always have permission before emailing any individual. Businesses that are taken seriously do not send out mass mailings via email.

The more choices you allow the customers to make, the better your marketing using email will work. Allow subscribers to choose the number, type, and frequency of the messages they receive from you, and allow them to opt out of disclosing certain kinds of information. When your customers feel that they are somewhat in control of the process, they will be much more satisfied.

TIP! Keep the graphics to a minimum in your emails. A lot of email services don’t allow photos, so a photo dependent approach is not effective.

Creating brand recognition should be considered when developing your marketing emails. Whatever distinctive design elements and styles your company already uses, such as logos, fonts, and color schemes, should be incorporated into the emails you send out, too. By doing so, you can make your emails recognizable to your readers and make use of any preexisting familiarity they have with your company.

TIP! Always limit your mailings to people who have given you permission to do so. Being known as a spammer is the worst reputation a company can have online and will lead to a loss in customers and sales.

The preceding paragraphs should have made it clear that dividing your customers into different groups is critical to getting the most out of your marketing with email campaign. Accommodating clients’ needs will help you to deliver a strong message. Apply the advice from this article the next time you are thinking about communicating with your customers through email.