Which Reusable Coffee Cup is Best?

We compare Keepcup, Frank Green, Huskee, SoL, Stokke to find out which is the best reusable coffee cup available right now.

Full review, charts & data here: https://www.sevenmiles.com.au/editorial/reusable-coffee-cup-comparison/

Thanks to a growing focus on reducing waste, reusable cups (also called ‘keep cups’) are now more common than ever before.

There are a number of good reasons to get a reusable coffee cup. They typically have a better seal than disposable cups, they can keep coffee hot or cold for longer, they don’t burn your hand when you hold them….and they last. Not only that, but many cafes reward you with a discount for bringing your own cup – as if we needed more of an incentive to drink coffee.

Of course, the best reusable cup to buy depends on what matters most to you. Will it break? Will it keep the coffee hot? Will it spill? Does it match my designer cashmere scarf?

As always at the Coffee Science & Education Centre, we turned to science for the answers.