On/off mug

Most sane humans don’t come to life in the morning until they’ve had their first cuppa. Somehow a steaming brew puts the world back into place. Annoyingly though, it’s a busy old world, and if like so many of us you have to hit the hamster wheel running, then that life-line cuppa soon goes cold, and you reach for it only to be assaulted by that horror of horrors, a cold brew and that’s the day shot to pieces. Happily that need never happen again thanks to the On Off mug. When full of piping hot nectar the cup turns white and is emblazoned with the word ON in black letters, and as it cools it turns black and clearly screams OFF at you in white letters. In no time you’ll be trained to know exactly how dark the mug can get before the contents becomes undrinkable. It’s the mug that keeps you posted on the toastyness of your vital cuppa, sheer brilliance. FeaturesBack To Top •A funky heat-sensitive mug. •When the mug is empty or filled with a cold drink, the mug is black with a large ‘OFF’ emblazoned on it. •When the mug is filled with a hot brew, the mug becomes white with a large ‘ON’ emblazoned on it. •This product is not dishwasher safe. Handwash only. •Suitable for ages 12 years+. •Size: 9.5 x 11.5 x 8cm.