Oversized Clutch Handbag Ideas

Oversized Clutch Handbag Ideas – as part of the women’s style series on bag and fashion by GeoBeats.

This is my oversized clutch collection and it is smaller than the normal bag but you take around that is over the shoulder or across body. This is the orange sheep fur. It is got the sheep fur in the closure with the piping around it. As you can open like this. You have the studs and two pockets with the orange lining. We have two pockets, two small pockets and one big pocket inside. It is got feet as you can see here, and it is got a little detail on the side if you ever need any more room.

Another oversized clutch I have is the yellow basket clutch. This awesome opening that is made of wood, it is very stylish and it is very solid to, you know, it has a great grip to hold your bag. My last oversized clutch I am going to show you is the orange patch clutch. This bag has the wood closuring again, you know, like the other one, and it has the Costella name in gold and it is a expendable bag, and those are my collection of oversized clutch. What a little clutch would not do, these will do it for you.