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War and Guarding Dogs in Dog Art Though the Ages

Frequently depicted in dog art, war dogs and guard dogs encapsulate the heroic role of the specialised dog breeds bred specifically for these kinds of pursuits. Originally these dogs as defined in dog art  were not dissimilar to modern-day Mastiffs and were seen marching into conflict with the armies of Hammurabi, the King of Babylon, getting on for 4000 years ago. The dog art tablets and bas-reliefs of this time heavily feature these incredible and heroic dogs.

Dog art from the palace of Assurbanipal from about 650 years B.C., and the time of pre-Christian history, represented these war dogs as part of hunting scenes. Forming the ancestry of the modern-day St.Bernards, Bernese mountain dogs and the Tibetan Mastiff, these great dogs descended most likely from the Simocyon dog of the Miocene age. Throughout the dog art of the Babylon, Egyptian, Persian and Greek civilizations the representations of these mastiff-like dogs during battle and guarding pursuits reigns as a premier art subject, Babylon a well-known place of dog lovers. Testiment to this are the terracota decorations found buried under the homes of the city dwellers as good luck charms and the beautiful mosaics of Naples.

Mastiff kinds are featured in the Forest Laws of King Canute in 1016, to prevent them catching deer, a breed much attributed the characterization of brave and fearless, as frequently portrayed in dog art  of this era. The Battle of Agincourt in 1415 saw Sir Piers Leigh of Lyme Park, Cheshire, guarded faithfully by his Mastiff dog, while he lay dying, centuries of breeding at Lyme Park creating a line of descent to the Old English Mastiffs of nowadays. The great painting by Velasquez, Las Meninas, depicts a Mastiff-like dog who could be a descendant of these Lyme Park dogs, James the first having given some of these dogs to Phillip the 3rd of Spain.

King Henry VIII sent his war dogs to war with Charles V against Francis the first of France, dogs on which he placed enourmous distinction. Invaluable for in battle and guarding against enemy approach their image in dog art is normally captured as incredibly fierce and aggresive and most definately uncontrollable. The Mastiff and Bulldog were merged to create the Bullmastiff, pictured in dog art as “The Night Dog”, a friend of nightwatchmen in the nineteenth century, these dogs in dog art depictions demonstrate how they were excellent guard dogs and faithful companions of the vulnerable nightwatchmen.

The guarding abilities of these dog breeds characterized in dog art  through the ages still sees a place in the dog art of the present time.The Doberman, Rottweiler and Alsatian are among the most well-known of these breeds of dogs and are often pictured in their valiant job of nightwatching and protecting of their owners, their fantastic intelligence and loyallty forever immortalised in dog art paintings, photograghy or film. These attributes align the modern-day dog breeds with the old Mastiffs of times gone by and make them fantastic creatures for both the police and in all important security work for the army.

Nicola Foote

Florida Lottery Daily Results Can Prove A World Of Change For Someone

This is Florida lottery daily results that all who are playing wait with great temptation to know the results of. Once anyone has the ticket in his hand, he start dreaming that his numbers just might be the winning one. The general thinking is that somebody has to win, so why not me? We all have dreams and expectations, many of which are concerned about financial freedom. It is a known fact to you that not only you can have everything that you ever wished or can go on a trip anywhere in the world that you’ve ever wished to go, or more importantly that you can live without debt sounds very fascinating to all of us.

The glaring fact is that it just takes those few winning numbers that come in daily to win it all. The jackpot could be yours if you have picked the right winning combination and lucky enough. Some have different theories and schools of thought on how or why the winning numbers come in the way that they do. Some resort to good luck charms, lucky idols, or rituals that they practice to have luck in their side. Some play the weekly lotto while others play the daily, and still others have a combination of the two to keep their hopes and dreams alive. That’s the beauty of the lottery, you can play it however you want to and it doesn’t necessarily require any skill or knowledge, just luck and the ability to pick a winning combination of numbers.

There are several fascinating winners from Florida. People with strong desire of winning it all and who played out their numbers just in case. Knowing the fact that somebody would have the winning combination and for sure their numbers would be the lucky ones to be declared as winner for the daily draw. It doesn’t take much but the results can be far reaching and literally and figuratively change the winner’s life forever. For many it is more like fictional but it is a reality for few, but it’s the dream that makes it happening. It’s what stimulates us all to play week after week and day after day.

The Florida lotto daily results will most certainly change somebody’s life forever. It could have just been a minimal investment and a few dollars out of their pocket for lot of players, small lose if unfortunately they don’t become a winner. It’s hope that is a crucial factor why people keep playing the daily lottery and that drives them to play it more. The fact that only a insignificant investment is required here as compared to a casino is the cause of attraction. The negligible investment, the repeatedly daily drawing, and the hope and
promise of a brighter tomorrow is what attracts people towards the lottery.We all dream and have desires so keep playing because there is a big chance that your dreams and expectation may come true and you might be the winner with the fantasy of a new bright future that lies ahead you.

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